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KEI Europe Actions

Requests to License Patents on Medical Technologies in Europe

Request to Exercise Crown Use on Patents for Breast Cancer Drug in the United Kingdom:

The Coalition for Affordable T-DM1 (of which KEI Europe is a member) submitted a request to the UK government to exercise Crown Use provisions on the patents on T-DM1, a breast cancer drug of the trade name Kadcyla.


Compulsory Licensing of Hepatitis C Virus Treatment Patents:

KEI Europe is seeking to license patents to HCV treatments.

KEI Europe is working to obtain a compulsory license on HCV treatments in Romania, which has one of the highest incidences of HCV in Europe.

Other Licensing Requests for Cancer Treatments:

4 August 2014. T-DM1 patents and F. Hoffmann La Roche: Request for licence to trastuzumab emtanisine (T-DM1), for territory of the member states of the European Union. T-DM1, sold under the brand name of Kadcyla by Roche, is a treatment for HER2+ breast cancer. A copy of the letter is available here.

EU Horizon 2020

2 February 2017. KEI Europe, along with a coalition of groups, called upon the European Commission to reframe Horizon 2020 to explore alternative models of innovation that delinked the cost of R&D from the price of medicines.

January 2017. The joint submission to the Horizon 2020 consultation established six key recommendations that the European Commission should consider during their review process, including increased public investment in biomedical R&D funding, mandates on open data, and increased transparency.

World Health Organization

30 March 2017. KEI Europe, in conjunction with sixteen other civil society groups, submitted a letter to the EU urging they voice support for a resolution on a feasibility study concerning delinkage models for cancer treatment R&D at the upcoming 70th World Health Assembly.

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Agreement

24 February 2016. KEI Europe delivered an intervention before EU and US TTIP negotiators as well as stakeholders during the 12th round of negotiations in Brussels.

15 July 2015. KEI Europe presented an intervention on issues related to intellectual property and public health at the TTIP stakeholder event during Round 10 of the negotiations in Brussels.

13 July 2014. KEI Europe Submission: European Commission's Public consultation on modalities for investment protection and ISDS in TTIP. A copy of the submission is available here.

WTO Agreement on the Supply of Public Goods

27-29 March 2015. KEI Europe convened an expert meeting to consider a text for a World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement for the Supply of Social/Public Goods (SGA Agreement). The meeting was held in Berlin, Germany and served as a space for experts with backgrounds in international trade, law, the environment, development, public health and open collaborative development models to review draft articles of the proposed agreement on social goods and provide technical and strategic advice.

The basic outline of the WTO agreement on global public goods is modeled after the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) and employs the binding mechanism of the WTO to the benefit of global public goods. Through the agreement, nations would make commitments to fund projects, through standardized or sui generis offers, and after making the commitment, would be bound to follow through with support or be submitted to the WTO's dispute processes.

Ongoing Actions