Crown Use Request on Breast Cancer Drug in the UK

20 March 2017. Follow-up letter and annex addressing technical questions of Crown Use request.

25 November 2016. Full request submitted to the UK government to exercise Crown Use provisions on patents on T-DM1.

1 October 2015. Notice of intent to submit Crown Use request.

Information regarding the problem, the request, and how you can get involved:
    • Press Release. “Coalition for Affordable T-DM1 Asks the Government to Employ Crown Use Authority to Lower Price of Expensive Cancer Drug.”
    • Frequently Asked Questions. Regarding T-DM1, intellectual property rights, competition law and the Coalition for Affordable T-DM1.
    • Sign on letter of support. Fill out the form on this page to join our efforts and sign on to a letter of support of the request for affordable T-DM1.
An overview of the crisis in access to T-DM1 in the UK:

Members of the Coalition for Affordable T-DM1:




  • Dr. Andrew Hill, PhD, University of Liverpool
  • Chris Redd, Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Diarmaid McDonald, Access to Medicines Campaigner
  • Dr. Mohga Kamal-Yanni, MPhil, MBE, Work on access to medicines
  • Susannah Markandya, Barrister